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7: Allie Geer - How Cadaver Dissections Have Impacted How We Teach

The Yoga Addiction
7: Allie Geer - How Cadaver Dissections Have Impacted How We Teach

In 2017, Nat and Sandy took an interesting "walk in nature"; a cadaver dissection for yoga teachers via Yoga Medicine and the Laboratory of Anatomical Enlightenment. There, they were reunited with Allie Geer, now a Yoga Medicine senior teacher who has completed four cadaver dissections to date. She is a wellspring of information, inspiration and insight. In this episode we talk all things cadaver and why all yoga teachers could benefit from their own walk in nature.


  • Allie's connection with Yoga Medicine and what it means to be a Yoga Medicine teacher (4:29)
  • We talk about what effects advanced training has had on us as teachers (6:50)
  • Allie gets into the nitty gritty details of participating in an untreated cadaver dissection (15:47)
  • We talk about the other factors of a cadaver dissection, the heaviness of dealing with a dead person as well as appreciation and purpose (31:22)
  • How does doing all these labs change the way you teach or move? (36:53)
  • Are there any poses you've stopped teaching over the years of doing more advanced training? (45:03)
  • Allie talks about how the cadaver training modules have affected her as a parent (51:10)
  • Allie's final message to anyone looking to do a cadaver dissection (58:00)


Book: Anatomy Trains by Tom Myers

Anatomy Trains Cadaver Course with Tom Myers

Laboratory of Anatomical Enlightenment

LofAE videos - trailers and full videos for ~ $3 USD

Yoga Medicine website

Allie Geer's website

Allie Geer's instagram

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