The Yoga Addiction

64: THE END...but first...30-ish things we need to tell you before we go!

The Yoga Addiction
64: THE END...but first...30-ish things we need to tell you before we go!

This. Is. It. Our concluding episode, our last hurrah, our final effort. This episode is a conglomeration of all our last messages as yogis and yoga teachers. We alternate between Sandy and Nat giving tidbits of information and inspiration in no particular order. Some of our arguments are highly anatomical and others are reflections from teaching and practicing in group yoga classes. As we wrap up this phase of our lives and this amazing podcast, we hope you have also emerged from this podcast a little more informed and a little more inspired.




  • All movement is good if used appropriately; we can play with variables of duration, intensity, repetition (7:28)
  • Question your assists: is it a correction or an enhancement? Is it appropriate? (10:39)
  • Keep asking why. Not everything can be scientifically explained, but if it can be, find out what's out there. Then take that with a grain of salt (13:32)
  • Music can change the entire atmosphere of the yoga class (15:57)
  • You don't have to be passionate about the physical practice of yoga, but if you're moving students, educate yourself on the basics. Feeling safe in the physical body will allow students to access other aspects of the practice (17:36)
  • Tension can restrict movement. You need the space to exist before you can own the space (20:03)
  • Question dogmatic cues that are applied to all shapes (e.g. "Draw your shoulder blades down and back") (21:52)
  • Fascia science is so new; explore all the questions! Is there memory in fascia? Are there movements in the water of fascia that are significant? (24:42)
  • Admit to not knowing (27:24)
  • The benefits of repetition (28:24)
  • More is not better(29:52)
  • How do you want your students to leave the class feeling? (32:17)
  • Keep it simple (39:53)
  • We don't own yoga. Pass on the information from a place of humble transmission not ownership (47:12)
  • For teachers, the connection that you create with your students is what is important, not the subject that you focus on (49:33)
  • You know what's right....deep, deep down. Whether someone is complimenting you and saying "you should teach", or "insert encouragement to make extreme life choices" consider the big picture of your life and what you want it to look like (53:48)
  • It's okay to change. In fact, it's necessary (1:00:00)
  • On food & health: Nat's health journey, personal experiments, and tests have led me to understand that your health, through the lens of eating, depends on a) stress, b) genetics, c) microbiome (probiotics and digestive enzymes). Nutrient supplementation is dependent on how all the above (1:01:00)
  • The first sign of imbalance: energy and sleep (1:11:00)
  • Some podcasts we recommend (1:13:37)
    • GRIT + grace by Alison Heilig (insta @itsalisonheilig) - meditations
    • Soft Strength by Aisha Fakro (insta @aishafakhro)
    • With Heart and Wonder by Meghan Johnston (insta @meghanljohnston)



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