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62: Jillian Mariani: Founder of Niyama Yoga Wellness

The Yoga Addiction
62: Jillian Mariani: Founder of Niyama Yoga Wellness

Jillian Mariani is the founder of supplement company Niyama Yoga Wellness. Today, we had a great chat with her about her wellness journey, her inspiration to create Niyama Yoga Wellness and their relationship to the New Leaf Foundation. Best of all, we are hosting a giveaway in partnership with Jillian's company! Make sure to follow both The Yoga Addiction and Niyama Yoga Wellness on Instagram for details to the giveaway.




  • Jillian tells us about her history in the supplement industry (4:30)
  • Jillian found that many yogis don't know much about supplements (10:43)
  • The physical part of yoga does require nutritional support if you want it to be sustainable, but there is also a basic aspect of nutrition to maintain general health (21:42)
  • We discuss the value of research articles as a consumer (32:43)
  • Niyama's ambassador program and where to get the supplements (34:29)
  • How Jillian chose "Niyama" for the company name (37:40)
  • Niyama Yoga Wellness in partnership with The New Leaf Foundation (40:59)
  • Our quickfire questions for Jillian (46:19)
  • We're hosting a giveaway for our Canadian listeners: to enter, follow us on Instagram @theyogaaddiction for details (49:40)




Niyama Yoga Wellness website

New Leaf Foundation

Niyama Yoga Wellness Instagram @niyamayogawellnesscanada

Follow us on Instagram @theyogaaddiction

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