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56: Monday Quickie - Bone Density Story

The Yoga Addiction
56: Monday Quickie - Bone Density Story

With age, bone density predictably decreases over time. Maintaining or even building bone density is a long term practice that doesn't give us immediate payback - which is why it's hard to maintain a movement practice that's motivated by bone density. However, today Sandy tells us a story of a student from her class who has increased her bone density over the last 5 years, which she has attributed to her yoga practice.




  • Studies find that weight-bearing is most effective at increasing bone density (2:57)
  • We can't see or feel our bone density, so increasing or decreasing bone density is usually far from our minds (5:39)
  • Our movement practices today help buy us bone for the following decades (6:40)




Episode 20: Does Yoga Increase Bone Density?

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