The Yoga Addiction

51: The Placebo Effect

The Yoga Addiction
51: The Placebo Effect

We often hear about the placebo effect in conjunction with a new drug, treatment or protocol in modern medicine. Placebo is the positive effect people get from a sham treatment when they are being told the treatment is real. Mostly, scientists and health practitioners ignore placebo: after all, how can we package or universalize a sympathetic bedside manner and a caring attitude? Yogis, however, have long been using the power of belief, visualization and mood to encourage self-healing. No pills necessary. The power of our brains, whether in a meditation, mantra or asana practice, has a powerful effect on creating positive physiological change. As yoga teachers, we can help empower our students to create this change for themselves. In this episode, we discuss why yogis should be educated on placebo, how yoga teachers should hold the space of a modern yoga room, and self-practices that help Nat and Sandy overcome their own internal stress.




  • Why should yogis be concerned with the placebo effect? (14:08)
  • Meditation and awareness practices - we can have an effect on how we feel by our intentions (23:03)
  • As yoga teachers, we stand as the source of information and authority (26:32)
  • The "nocebo" effect; the opposite of placebo (a negative effect due to beliefs) (30:17)
  • How do we affect our students when we walk into the yoga space feeling burnt out, tired, short-tempered or unprepared? (38:48)
  • What makes a great teacher great? (45:17)




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