The Yoga Addiction

46: Pose breakdown - Twisted / Revolved Lunge

The Yoga Addiction
46: Pose breakdown - Twisted / Revolved Lunge

This is our last episode of 2019! We finish the year off on a pose that is very commonly seen in modern yoga: Twisted Lunge. We start this episode with a longer than normal pre-amble, chatting about the recent Bikram documentary. Then, we dive into the posture, talking about common compensations or areas of collapse. We discuss the current debate around leveraged postures, such as this one. And finally, we cover several variations we prefer.




  • Parivritta Parsvakonasana - the "full" variation of twisted (or revolved) lunge (13:07)
  • In twisted lunge, there is a tendency for the back hip to drop towards the ground; this is a twist in the SI joint (18:15)
  • Hooking the elbow to the outer knee involves both the spinal twist and shoulder blade gliding (23:43)
  • The debate in the yoga world about leveraged postures (using your own strength to push your body further into flexibility) (26:25)
  • Rounding the spine forward into a twist and then twisting (34:48)
  • One common problem with prayer hands: top shoulder thrust forward and passive (43:18)
  • The work in the outer hip, glutes, and even the posterior shoulder when we hook the elbow to the outer knee (51:09)




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