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43: Alison Heilig - From a Broken Femur to the Pursuit of Happiness

The Yoga Addiction
43: Alison Heilig - From a Broken Femur to the Pursuit of Happiness

We met Alison Heilig during one of our group yoga training sessions and immediately clicked. She is a fierce cross-fit competitor, an incredibly educated and tuned-in yoga teacher and perhaps the most durable runner you'll meet. In this interview, we discuss Alison's journey that led to her search for healing, her perspective on the emotional aspects of physical injury and her purpose as a voice in the fitness community. Her new book, 'The Durable Runner', is an amalgam of her teaching and personal experience: built to help you recover from injury, prevent future injury, balance and perform with a place of resilience and fortitude.

In this episode, we feature our first Instagram giveaway! To enter our Instagram contest for a copy of Alison Heilig's new book 'The Durable Runner' you need to (1) follow both @natandsandyyoga and @itsalisonheilig on Instagram, (2) listen to Episode 43 of The Yoga Addiction, (3) comment on our contest entry post (November 27th post for Episode 43 with sound clip of Alison Heilig) with your favorite moment / take away of the interview. Rules: 1 comment = 1 entry (max 3 entries into the contest), and winners will be announced on the podcast on Dec 4, 2019 (Episode 44). You have until Tuesday, December 3, 2019 at 12 noon EST to comment on the post in order for your entry to be eligible! Good luck ;)




  • Alison's perspective on the nature of constantly evolving scientific evidence (5:48)
  • Alison fills us in on her switch from corporate legal into fitness and movement (9:41)
  • The pivotal hip fracture that became fuel for Alison's book and how she moved her body (16:11)
  • How lucky she was for breaking a bone and not structures that couldn't heal themselves (18:54)
  • Dealing with the complicated emotional aspects of a physical injury (22:11)
  • Alison's search to heal her own hips (26:07)
  • Alison tells us about her award-winning blog, "The Pursuit of Awesome" (36:28)
  • The clients Alison currently sees are mostly physically cleared for exercise but still experiencing pain (38:44)
  • We chat about the purpose of a yoga practice vs. a physical workout (50:21)




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