The Yoga Addiction

39: Using Yoga to Build Power

The Yoga Addiction
39: Using Yoga to Build Power

Power athletes are sprinters, jumpers, throwers, etc.; basically any sport or activity that requires a large amount of work per unit of time. While yoga isn't a 'power'ful endeavour, per se, there are many carryover benefits. In this episode, we talk about how the core and transversus abdominis muscle helps us "brace" the middle in order to move the limbs more efficiently. We explain our favourite transitions for training stability and discuss the benefits of static holds for power athletes.




  • The scientific definition of power: "Power is the rate (energy amount per time period) at which work is done or energy converted." (7:40)
  • How stability in the core helps translate into power (vs. wet noodle mid-body) (9:23)
  • TVA's role in helping us brace for stability (14:11)
  • Transitions on one or two limbs (rather than four like tabletop) can help us train the core for stability (16:36)
  • Stretching for runners for stride and power (20:42)
  • Less focus on alignment when training for fluidity and power (23:29)
  • Nat's favourite transition for pairing core stability with hip stability (29:28)
  • How the breath relates to stability in the core (32:19)
  • How static stretching can help calm down the nervous system and re-set fascial connections (37:15)
  • Where we can get physical stability from physical yoga, we get mental stability from the mental aspects of yoga (39:42)




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