The Yoga Addiction

32: Teaching Hypermobile Students

The Yoga Addiction
32: Teaching Hypermobile Students

Hypermobility is the ability for joints to move past an expected range. For many people, certain joints can move well past their range with no pain, however, that is not always the case. In this episode, we dig into all sorts of hypermobility you might encounter in the yoga studio. Sandy shares her history with a more mobile body, and we discuss teaching techniques and language that might help a hypermobile person find more stability.




  • Whether women should be allowed to go topless in yoga class (1:35)
  • What is hypermobility? (14:00)
  • The range of hypermobility, at it's extreme, it's called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (17:02)
  • Hypermobility associated with hormones, like in pregnancy (19:14)
  • Inhibition of muscular patterns due to posture and hence, a joint may become more mobile due to lack of muscular stability (22:38)
  • Sandy's genetics and hypermobility (24:39)
  • When teaching hypermobile people, we should be careful with goal-oriented words while teaching, or words that describe sensation as it might take a lot for them to feel the sensation (34:50)
  • Why it isn't healthy to take joints regularly out of a "normal" range of motion (36:43)
  • Pain with hypermobility = your brain sending you a danger signal (39:45)
  • End range of motion in yoga classes (47:12)
  • Modifications for low lunge for strength not flexibility (49:40)
  • What yoga styles are better for hypermobility? (55:36)
  • Tired vs. tight muscles (1:00)
  • Is deeper better? And why? What counts as "deep"? (1:02)




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Mayo Clinic YouTube videos on hypermobility: here & here

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