The Yoga Addiction

28: Yoga and Hormones: Testosterone

The Yoga Addiction
28: Yoga and Hormones: Testosterone

It's been quite a few months since we first discussed yoga and hormones in our cortisol breakdown episode. In today's episode, we re-visit yoga and hormones with a breakdown of testosterone. We talk about what testosterone does in the body, how its relationship with cortisol helps regulate metabolism and finally, yoga's potential role in hormone levels. We end the episode with several recommendations for breath work and savasana that may help students find a better balance between cortisol and testosterone.




  • What is testosterone? Where is it produced, what signals it to be produced, how is it regulated? What does it do? (4:29)
  • Testosterone has an important relationship to cortisol in the body; this ratio sends signals to the body (9:48)
  • Cortisol levels change during the day; Nat explains how it cycles and how testosterone is related to that cycle (11:34)
  • We explain how yoga allows cortisol to decrease, testosterone to increase, and allows your body to build; like rest/recovery days at the gym (15:00)
  • Study: Cortisol and Testosterone in wrestlers before, during, and after competition (18:46)
  • Low testosterone to cortisol ratio is catabolic, high testosterone to cortisol ratio is anabolic (21:50)
  • How do we bring this information into a yoga class? (38:18)
  • Our brains and thoughts play a huge role in our hormone and nervous system; Sandy talks about how you can even tell with breath work (46:04)




Study on cortisol and testosterone in wrestlers

Khan Academy course

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