The Yoga Addiction

--- Natalie Senger and Sandy Huen ---

Yoga is everywhere, and its diversity in practice has many people asking more specific questions about how this practice ‘works’. Join Natalie and Sandy as they explore the modern yoga practice as teachers, students, science nerds and yogis in this mash-up of uncensored entertainment and education. If you’re looking to expand your understanding or appreciation of yoga, this is the podcast for you.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. 54: Monday Quickie: Nat Interviews her Husband Eric

    We have a special guest for today's Monday Quickie: Nat's husband Eric. Sweethearts since university and married in 2018, Nat and Eric have been doing yoga classes together regularly for about 10 years! In this episode, we get Eric's point of view on yoga, meditation, studio yoga classes, and how ...


  2. 53: Why Do We Care About The Vagus Nerve?

    In recent years, yogis and yoga teacher trainers have been paying more and more attention to the very important vagus nerve. In this episode, we break down the general anatomy and function of the vagus nerve. Then, we discuss its relationship to trauma and teaching in a trauma sensitive environment. ...


  3. 52: Monday Quickie: Start with Breath

    One of Sandy's favourite ways to start a class is by establishing a connection to breath. Breath is our gateway into the nervous system, a powerful tool to transition the body into a state of calm or panic. Many teachers, and Sandy and Nat are absolutely guilty of this, simply ...


  4. 51: The Placebo Effect

    We often hear about the placebo effect in conjunction with a new drug, treatment or protocol in modern medicine. Placebo is the positive effect people get from a sham treatment when they are being told the treatment is real. Mostly, scientists and health practitioners ignore placebo: after all, how can ...


  5. 50: Monday Quickie: Shoulder Flossing

    Arm and shoulder positioning in a yoga class can get quite repetitive if you only practice or teach classic asana. In this episode, Sandy talks about Shoulder Flossing, or some people call it Shoulder Dislocates. This exercise is an easy one to incorporate into yoga classes as all it requires ...