The Yoga Addiction

--- Natalie Senger and Sandy Huen ---

Yoga is everywhere, and its diversity in practice has many people asking more specific questions about how this practice ‘works’. Join Natalie and Sandy as they explore the modern yoga practice as teachers, students, science nerds and yogis in this mash-up of uncensored entertainment and education. If you’re looking to expand your understanding or appreciation of yoga, this is the podcast for you.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. 59: Jivana Heyman: How to Make Yoga Teachings Accessible to All Communities

    Today we take a deep dive into Jivana Heyman's amazing yoga mind: his views on yoga philosophy, ego, the teacher-student relationship, the use of touch and adjustments in the practice, just to name a few of the topics we cover. And of course, we dive into his new book, Accessible ...


  2. 58: Monday Quickie - Q & A with Jivana Heyman, Author of Accessible Yoga

    Jivana Heyman is a sought-after yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer based out of Santa Barbara, California. He is the author of a new book, Accessible Yoga, aimed at bringing the benefits of yoga to anyone who wants it. In this short episode, we barrage Jivana with a series of ...


  3. 57: Study Review: The Breath of Life

    As promised, we dissect a scientific study in this episode all about breath, contemplative practices and the vagus nerve (find the link in the notes below). When the vagus nerve is stimulated, the body settles into "Rest and Digest" mode, or the parasympathetic nervous system. We discuss a few topics ...


  4. 56: Monday Quickie - Bone Density Story

    With age, bone density predictably decreases over time. Maintaining or even building bone density is a long term practice that doesn't give us immediate payback - which is why it's hard to maintain a movement practice that's motivated by bone density. However, today Sandy tells us a story of a ...


  5. 55: Should I Quit My Job and Teach Yoga?

    This episode is a light-hearted peek into the world of teaching yoga full time. We discuss the stresses of being a yoga teacher that counter the glamour, that dark underbelly of a life-changing practice. We brainstorm the things we would have done differently, knowing what we know now, and considerations ...