The Yoga Addiction

--- Natalie Senger and Sandy Huen ---

Yoga is everywhere, and its diversity in practice has many people asking more specific questions about how this practice ‘works’. Join Natalie and Sandy as they explore the modern yoga practice as teachers, students, science nerds and yogis in this mash-up of uncensored entertainment and education. If you’re looking to expand your understanding or appreciation of yoga, this is the podcast for you.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. 19: On Teaching Yoga to Beginners

    Beginners are maybe one of the most rewarding groups you can teach, if you can get a group of them together. In this episode, we go over several important aspects of teaching to beginners, like placing them in the middle of the room, incorporating parts of yoga that are meaningful ...


  2. 18: Allie Geer - Teaching and Practicing Prenatal Yoga

    Today, we feature our second interview with Allie Geer, who is not only a fascia expert but a prenatal yoga specialist. This episode is a must for anyone teaching public group classes, because sooner or later a pregnant yogi will stroll through your doors, too. We talk about how to ...


  3. 17: Hiiro Zake-Sigal Prince - Must know differences between Yin and Restorative Yoga

    Restorative and Yin yoga are two practices that often get lumped together into one category. However, our expert guest Hiiro Zake-Sigal Prince sheds light on the distinct differences of these two practices, how and when to intelligently blend the two, and how to decide which is best for you or ...


  4. 16: Yoga for Athletes - How to Design a Practice for Resilience, Recovery, and Power

    The worlds of athletics and yoga are slowly but surely finding a common place to collide and more athletes are turning to various practices of yoga to increase mobility, focus, power, resilience, etc. In this episode we talk about what pieces of the very big and diverse yoga world fit ...


  5. 15: What Is Fascia and How Do We Care for It in Yoga?

    In the last few years, fascia has become a huge area of research and investigation. In this episode, we dive into the current knowledge about fascia, its anatomy and how yoga can contribute to the health of the fascia. We talk about common fascia dysfunction, tension patterns, and tendencies. If ...